The process
of choosing a house

Learn what are the steps you have to take after you choose your dream house.


After you had a look of our proposals you and found the house of your dreams, get in touch with us.

At this reconnaissance period it is appropriate we have a call and discuss the project in more details.

  1. Do you have a location, land?
  2. Is it approved by the local authorities to build on?
  3. What's the budget and timeframe you have?
  4. Have you chosen from our complete projects or you would need some additional customization of the project?

After we have successfully sorted out the basics in the initial call it is time to meet our team. 

What to expect? A meeting with the coordinator of the project, a rep of the architects and engineers, and the builder. 

We will get down to specifics. 

It's time to get down to business and discuss what exactly do you want and try to foresee possible problems.

after we have sorted out all small adjustments and changes of the design, we go on to approve the final one.

Making the first payment is making the first big step to you dream house coming true. 

WE expect 33% of the worth of the project at this stage, which will cover expenses for:

  1. the architectural project and designs
  2. laying the foundations of your new HOME
  3. purchase of raw materials



here's to the first dig. have a drink with us and your family and friends at the site to celebrate the start of work. 

We actively begin the construction of your home beginning with the laying of the foundations.  

the next step is to build up the "skeleton" of the house, the barebones structure of steel. 

these two steps may take anywhere between a month and two depending on circumstances and unexpected delays. 

In the next step we start building the roof of your house.

it's designed according to the final design and plans 

We close up your home with the exterior walls and it finally has a more finished look. 

At this stage we lay the exterior walls and the insulation in them. 

with the 2nd payment we enter the next stage of the project. 

we expect the next 33% of the worth of the project at this stage, which will cover expenses for:

  • purchase and installation of the insulation
  • production & installation of the window panes and their joinery
  • electricity installation
  • plumbing installation
  • floorings
  • interior walls

We are proud of the fact that we emphasize on insulation and warmth of the house. We install a lot more insulation in our walls than any of our competitors. 

We use 2 layers of 10-mm Baumit insulation panels with an air buffer between them. 

We have been producing and installing windows joinery for more than 10 years on the Bulgarian market. We can proudly say we deliver one of the highest quality window joinery from aluminum and PVC.

We lay down and set up the electrical installation and circuits.

We install the plumbing according to the designs.

We set up the interior walls according the design. 

we work with various types of materials like wood, glass or lightweight materials.

at this stage we make the base layer of the flooring and set it up for the final flooring of your choosing. 

we offer different flooring options like wood, marble, gneiss and many other.



the bigger part of the project is now behind our backs and you are a lot closer to seeing yourself in your new cozy home.

in line with the designs we are getting your home to the Bulgarian legal authorities' standard of "File 16", which is the official document for a residence being okay for use.

The final "File 16" is also our final goal, at which we hand you over the keys to the house of your dreams. 

Since the moment you stumbled upon our website our houses till now stand the efforts of a big team of people with various skills and experiences.

For us every handover is a cause for celebration.

With "file 16" we also expect the final 34% of the worth of the project.

Buidling the house of your dreams we home it becomes something more to you than just a roof over the head, namely a home.

We wish you lots of warm moments with friends and family and we will be happy to see you there smiling with all of them.

Home sweet home

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