The materials

The choice of materials for building the houses is one of the most crucial ones. have a look.


the steel beams are the "skeleton" of your house. We use only high-quality steel, treated to resist rust.


We use a variety of stones in our houses. Granite and marble for the floorings, gneiss for some of the exterior walls, and other types of materials approved for long-term outdoor use.


Wood is also one of the most important materials we use in building our houses. It brings comfort, warmth and connection to the surroundings of a house. We work with all types of wood, characteristic for Bulgaria, but we prefer massive oak and chestnut trees.


the free access of natural light is elemental in building our houses and that can only be achieved with high quality windows, which let the light in, but keep the cold out.

Your house will not only have the looks, but the warmth and coziness to dream for.

This is your home

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